Reading level 2

The Longest Night

Author Christina Clover

Human interest

bullying, friendship, self-esteem, empathy, overcoming adversity

When Bolts and his gang dare Christian to camp out in the woods, Christian agrees. He’d do anything to stop Bolts teasing him! Christian’s friend Alfie comes to support him, but the woods are spooky, and Bolts is determined that Christian will not last the night. But with strange things roaming in the woods, perhaps it is not just Christian who will end up being afraid...


Book Forum

Most exciting chapter. I want to discover who is the mysterious man and to know if the bear will also scare Bolts and his cronies. They deserve it!

Davidoff 19 Jan 2019, 2:48 p.m.

This chapter was so exciting! I wanted that the boys chase Bolt and his friends. When they were on his way, I didn't expect that the noises were from a real bear! I thought like Christian that they were from any animal that lives in the forest. When they started to run and the bear was chasing them, I was very nervous. I can't wait to discover next week who is the misteious person that opened the door.

carly 19 Jan 2019, 3:17 p.m.

 This book is amazing . I like the plot of the book. I want more like this chapter.  Very good. I want to read more, I can't wait for next week . I want it to be Friday again to read the next chapter. Thank you for writing. Congratulations! 

HyperReader 20 Jan 2019, 7:56 a.m.