Reading level 3

Cosmo Mars and the Egyptian Curse

Author Alex Woolf


cooperation, honesty, overcoming adversity, teamwork, bravery

A new, exciting adventure for the supercool Cosmo Mars! When Steffi and Matt visit the dusty corner in their local library, they tumble headlong into mystery with Steffi's favourite fictional detective, Cosmo Mars. The trouble is, Cosmo is on holiday in Egypt and he is absolutely NOT intending to take on any new cases. But when Steffi and Matt show up, along with a supposedly cursed map to Queen Nefertiti's lost tomb, Cosmo may just have to consider this a working vacation...


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Thanks very much Abbshe.

Author Alex Woolf  ·  27 May 2019, 10:08 a.m.

It was a wonderful book! I didn't expect Jane to be the thief, I have enjoyed it very much and it was really interesting. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Siku999 27 May 2019, 12:09 p.m.

I really loved the book because we didn't see  that coming that Lady Mountage stole in first place the amulet and the best part was when Miles stole the  amulet.

Nelly 27 May 2019, 12:18 p.m.